Introducing the Jackson Peg Tube Stand! 
      An assistive holder device for the enteral nutrition  and
      feeding tube dependent                
The Jackson Peg Tube Stand device is designed as a holder tool to support the PEG feeding tube and used to deliver food product or medications to a enteral nutrition gastronomy patient with bolus type feeding by anchoring the PEG feeding tube in a syringe holder which allows for independent management of meals and medications with minimal or no assistance and can be used as an aide for caretakers of the PEG feeding tube users who may need some assistance.
. The holder device is adjustable, portable and designed to use the PEG feeding tube in a variety of situations including an automobile. Persons with full use of both hands will also find it useful.
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The Jackson Peg Tube Stand
A support stand for PEG tube users for one-handed operation
n photo of the Jackson Peg Tube There are no other products on the market to assist the PEG feeding tube user to eat with minimal or no assistance or as adjustable and user friendly, as the Jackson Peg Tube Stand.
as adjustable or user friendly,
Interviews with teachers of children on PEG/feeding tubes revealed that this assistive device tube holder would enable the dependent on eneteral nutrition and bolus feeding to join the other children at meal times and would help in socialization of all the children.
We have some useful links to learn more about living with a feeding tube and enteral nutrition. We hope you find that the Jackson Peg Tube Stand meets your feeding tube needs or those of a loved one.
 Click here to view the video of the or you can also view it on youtube.
The angle of the Jackson Peg Stand can be adjusted by the knob on the base of the stand.
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The Jackson Peg Tube Stand/holder is proudly made in America
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