The features of the Jackson Peg Tube Stand are varied and numerous to make the device as portable and user friendly as possible.
The PEG Feeding Tube Stand Is... 
*Hands free use
*Light weight
*Fully adjustable
*2.8 pounds
*8 3/4 inches in diameter
*ranging from 15 1/2 to
*23 inches tall
*secure syringe holder
The Jackson Peg Tube Stand with a syringe in the clamps.
  • Spring-loaded syringe holder clips securely hold syringe allowing for simple one-handed use of the device/holder.
  • Height adjustment of the PEG feeding tube syringe holder with a adjustment knob on the mast
  • Easy to use angle adjustment with a pivot on the base of the PEG feeding tube holder device.
  • Solid Base for Stability
  • Made in USA
   "It's All About Being Independent"