stabilize between the user's legs
1. To stabilize the PEG feeding tube stand device/holder, the enteral nutrition PEG feeding tube user sits in a chair and places the mast between the legs with the base of the holder/stand under the legs with the syringe holder clamps facing the stand user.
2. Once secure, a 60-cc bulb feeding syringe is placed in the spring loaded clamps on the front of the PEG feeding tube device/holder. Once the syringe is secured in the clamps, the syringe and the PEG feeding tube port are connected for easy one-handed management of pouring enteral nutrition food formula or medications into the syringe connected to the feeding tube..
A variety of syringe sizes can fit isnugly n the clamps on the Jackson Peg Tube Stand.
3. The PEG feeding tube device/holder works off the gravity feed principle as the syringe holder is at a higher level than the stomach. The liquid food/enteral nutrition  is poured into the syringe mouth to flow through the feeding tube and into the stomach. The feeding tube needs to run straight from the syringe to the stomach.  Adjust the height of the syringe on the device by pulling the pin on the front of the stand/holder and slide to the correct hole in the shaft to the desired height.
The Jackson Peg Tube Stand height adjustment is controlled by a knob on the mast.
4. Adjust the angle of the base by using the pivot on the mast/base to bring the syringe holder and feeding tube closer or farther away from the body to accommodate different heights and styles of chairs. This is particularly useful when eating in a car. It can also be used to deliver liquid or crushed medications through the feeding tube.
The Jackson Peg Tube Stand base with a pivot knob for easy adjustable mast.
Tina Jackson using the stand.
Property rights: The original model of the device was developed and built in  2000 and has been remodeled for improvements on several occasions. The result is the current design which is patented as of 2010.  The Jackson Peg Tube Stand is made in the USA.
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