Read testimonials from consumers, caretakers and nutrition professionals on the benefits of the Jackson Peg Tube Stand and enteral nutrition.
From a consumer's family member:
My mother is very happy with the stand. She said that's the best money she ever used. It is a blessing.

From a stand user:
Dear Mr. Jackson
Thank you, I love the tube stand, it work well given freedom to feed my self.

From a stand user:
"The Peg stand is wonderful. It allows me to feed myself and hold on to my independence. I have fun making up nutritional concoctions for my meals. Thank you thank you for the stand."
From a stand user:
"I just love my stand. I have ALS and although I have lost my speech and ability to eat, I still am active and on my feet. Thankfully I can still use my hands and I bowl. Your stand enables me to feed myself and not rely on anyone to feed me."
From a stand user:
 The stand was everything I expected it to be. It made my feeding easy to accomplish alone. This then freed my wife to do other things. The time saving alone (over 5 daily feedings) is worth a great deal. 
From a Consumer:
"Hi Mark..... Yes, I received the stand and my Mom is using it. She is so excited that she is gaining her independence back little by little. My family and I cannot thank you enough.......this really has given my Mom back something she could not afford to lose at 85...her independence!!"
I can’t say enough how much finding your stand has meant to my Mom and all of our family."
From an Assistant Administrator at Nursing and Rehabilitation Center:
"The tube stand worked just fine. The patient is home and has had no issue withthe actual tube stand and design. This was one of the equipment that contributed to his successful discharge home."
 From a caretaker:
"The device was very helpful in that he could feed himself and it gave me the freedom to do other things during his mealtimes."
From a Caretaker:
"This is awesome! My husband had a feeding tube for nine months during his struggle with Lou Gehrig's disease. I made custom feeding tube brackets/stands for our RV, pontoon boat and his Rascal. It allowed him to remain independent and mobile. This stand would have made it much easier!"
From a Nutrition Consultant:
"This product helps people manage life -coping with what they have lost. Providing a measure of independence.Sometimes a small, but critical, item can make a huge difference in lifestyle - and that’s what it’s all about."
From a Caretaker:
"My Dad is using the tube stand with good results and he even took it on an overnight trip. It's very good for him to be more independent."
From a Caretaker about the stand's potential:
We are living with a chronic condition -five feedings a day. Anything that makes it more convenient is very useful."
                             "It's All About Being Independent"